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Chibimaster1111, or just simply Chibi was a former Creepercraft player. He was always seen with CheeseTar or Gaije456 (BoomStix)

♙About Chibimaster1111 Edit

Chibimaster1111 joined the server with his good friend CheeseTar in effort to find a quiet minecraft server to enjoy. The two created a faction known as Savages (now known as ButterGunToastys) After they managed to settle in Chibi decided it was a good idea to kidnap a new player. Soon after Chibi managed to kidnap a new player. The player Marce2009 griefed savages and saved the new player. This causes the hatred between Marce2009 and Chibi. Chibi eventually got paranoid and left the faction. Chibi, not long after met a player known as Gaije456 (or as he is better known as, Boomstix) The two created a faction. A while later Marce finds out about this new location and griefed it as well. This eventualy leads to WWMarce2009 ( world war marce2009) Half way throughthrough the war Chibi got sick and tired of Donnie's refusal to help and left the server.

Chibimaster1111's Personality Edit

Chibimaster1111 is at times very hyper and has a tendincy of saying useless and/or already known facts thinking he has discoverd something new. He is very easy to get along with if you enjoy LOTR, Fnaf's 1&2, Or if you enjoy screaming BLOODSSHED

Chibimaster1111 Quotes Edit



"We need an admin"

Chibimaster1111's Personal Life Edit

Chibi is usualy playing games with his friends or family (brother, cousin) and hangs out with CheeseTar in school.

Trivia Edit

-Chibimaster1111 used a gimli skin during WWMarce2009

-Chibimaster1111 goes to the same school as CheeseTar

-He has intentions to go back on Creepercraft soon

-His favorite things to say during WWMarce2099 was BLOODSHED and DWARVENN STEEL